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Computer running slow? 

Rootkit? Popups?

Blue Screen of Death?

Viruses? Adware? Trojans?

Enjoy your PC again with our help.

We offer new products:

HP or Dell, PCs, laptops, servers

and essentials for home and business.

All Windows operating systems repaired.

Computer Repair Services - Sales - Support

SERVICES                                            RATE

Computer Repair                                $95.00 hr
Server Services                                 $110.00 hr
Networking                                          $95.00 hr
Firewall/Adv. Netwo
rk                     $110.00 hr

Indoor Wireless                                   $95.00 hr

Cable Installation                                $78.50 hr
Pickup or Delivery Charge                 $25.00
Onsite Trip Charge                              $50.00
Assessment (per pc)                               $49.00
Cleaning (per pc)                                     $49.00
Assessment w/Cleaning (per pc)            $59.00
Network Connect (per pc)                     $39.00

Flat-rates will automatically override standard service rates where applicable. 

Bulk and non-profit discounts are available.

Take Control of your PC Repair Costs!   

Computer Repair Services at Flat-Rate Labor Rates 

It all starts with an assessment of your PC, laptop or server.  This evaluation helps determine the appropriate solutions.  Based on our recommendations, you can choose the service plan that best suits your needs and budget.  Serving southeastern Wisconsin's residential and business communities since 1986.  With no hidden charges, you are in control.  We also offer computer networking.  For fast reliable local service, call or stop in today.

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